Monday, May 4, 2009

Visit to North Carolina.

The girls and I went to North Carolina to see my husband this past weekend. The girls loved going on a trip to visit daddy and we all needed to get away from Virginia for the weekend. It was nice just hanging out with Jeff and relaxing a little. We showed the girls around Fayetteville and took them to the 82nd Airborne Museum. They seemed really interested in the Airplanes and they both learned a little more about Mom and Dad and how we met over the weekend. They swam with daddy and Emelie is getting really good at treading water. I just work on my tan, I'm not a big water person.

Going to Fayetteville made me appreciate all I have here in Virginia. It was very loud and crowded in Fayetteville and on the military post. It was nice to see Jeff and get away, but it was also nice co
ming back to our peaceful home. Molly was glad to see us too. This was the first time she was kenneled and she didn't do well. She ate very little, and refused to leave her kennel. She also growled and snapped at the staff, so she gave everyone a tough time. She has spent a good part of the day sleeping so she may of been to upset to sleep. I feel like a bad dog mom. Hopefully we'll visit Jeff on more trips in the future. We all had a really nice time and we are lucky to have such a good man in our lives. Jeff is an awesome husband and dad.

Jeff and I with a C130, We met when I was at Airborne School in Georgia.