Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preparing Emelie for a 5K

Emelie is 10 years old as of 4 September, so I'm preparing her to run a 5k in October. She seems excited and did really well with Hill repeats yesterday and laps around the neighborhood today. I'm going to run the race with her, so I'll help her through this first 5k. We are looking at a 4k trail run in November.

The race is the Walk for Autism, they have a 5k walk, 5k run and a 10k ruck march. It takes place on 23 Oct 2010.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Self Image Issues

Self image is a subject that I've heard about all my life, but this issue has been around for ever. Both females and males struggle with this issue. Females are a little more dramatic than males, so it is a bigger subject in the media when it comes to female. Men and boys hide the issue due to appearing weak.

What started me on this subject was both talking with friends over the past year and now an article I read today about Katherine Schwarzenegger. She wrote a book about self image.
As I read through the comments most seemed positive, then I noticed a very insecure comment.
A lady commented that a normal clothing size for a healthy woman is a size 12 to 16 and that anyone that wears a size 10 or smaller only eats lettuce and has self image issues. It was a little shocking to see that this woman felt that thin people starve themselves. It is obvious that she has self image issues because of her negativity toward those who are thin. I haven't read Katherine Schwarzenegger's book, but from what I've read in the article, she wants young girls to understand that self image issues are normal. She is 100% correct, it is normal. I plan to read her book and if I like it, I'll have both of my girls read it when they are teenagers.

I'm almost 40 years old and I have self image issues. Several times a year I have to deal with acne. I'm 40, so why am I still dealing with acne??? I can't run with make-up on, so the world has to see me with all my zits. I find it difficult during these times, but what keeps me going is that I know everyone seeing my acne has their own physical appearance issues. I also hate my thighs, they are chubby, but I know they aren't fat. I've accepted my chubby tights until I put on a bathing suit. I usually want to cry when I put on a bathing suit. One issue that most people (both male and female) like to point out to me is my almost nonexistent breasts. Surprisingly I'm proud of my little bumps and that has never been an image issue. I'm very surprised that women feel that having big boobs is important, I feel that they would get in the way of my running. It's odd that people have pointed out to me that I'm almost boobless, maybe It's because of their low self image and they want to take me down to their level. Compared to your average American woman I have a more positive self image, because I have accepted the fact that everyone has flaws.

My goal is to build a positive self image for my daughters by being a good role model. I've also recognized that I'm a role model to all the young girls that I encounter. I try to eat well and workout regularly. My daughters both want to run with me, and we talk about food and the importance of it. They know at the age of 7 and 10 that food is fuel for the body and that exercise and running strengthens our bodies. My 10 year old has pointed out things that she thinks is flaws in her physical appearance. We talk about why she thinks these things are flaws. Many times it's because of TV, usually shows like Hannah Montana. She has also compared herself to her friends, which is normal. I've pointed out to her that she is normal for having these views. She is still growing and hasn't had to really deal with these self image issues, but I hope she'll come to me when the time comes. I'll teach her to look at the positives and to stay away from those people trying to create a poor self image for her. I was blessed with a mom and friends that did that for me.

It's negative people that create the self image problems that both teens and adults deal with daily. If you surround yourself with positive friends and family you'll have a good self image. Katherine, I hope your book is a success and I hope to read it during the upcoming year.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rosaryville 50K, July 18, 2010

We had to travel 75 miles to the race, so my day began at 4 AM. By the time we arrived at the park it was already in the 80s, and I was ready to get started. The race had a 50K, 25K, 15K and 10K events. The trails that we ran also had mountain bikes, which we were told shouldn't be an issue because the bikers wouldn't be on the trails.

The 50K started first , then in 3 minute intervals the 25K, 15K and 10K started. This was an issue because the 15K and 10K runners needed to constantly pass on single track trails. The next issue was the mountain bikers, well the word didn't get out to them that a race was in progress and they were everywhere on the trails. Out of the 31 miles that I ran, I had to stop and get off the trails for the bikers at least 40 times, and this doesn't include having to get off the trail for the 15K and 10K runners. I expect obstacles on the trails, such as fallen trees, creeks, mud, rocky areas and even at times a black bear. but not bikes.

I'll get back to the actual running part of the race. We had to run three 10 mile laps on the trails and then the last mile was to the finish line. I was lucky enough to have my wonderful husband waiting for me with ice, water, Gatorade, and food at the end of each lap. The first lap wasn't bad at all the heat and humidity wasn't high yet and the trail didn't have an extreme amount of natural obstacles. I ran the first lap a little faster than originally planned. The second lap was a little more difficult, I was half way through it, the heat was getting to me and I was having issues with my right foot and left hip. The hip issue was gone by the time I started my third lap. I had to deal with the tendinitis in my right foot throughout the third lap which was very uncomfortable. I struggled the last 4 miles of the race, but I knew that I would make it to the finish. The last four miles was more of a mental challenge of pushing myself through the heat and physical pain. It was a wonderful feeling when I crossed the finish line, I completed the goal of my first ultra!

Will I continue to run ultras? Yes, but not the Rosaryville. I prefer my obstacles to be natural, not bikers.

I have to add that the volunteers at the aid stations did a wonderful job!