Wednesday, June 17, 2009

White Oak Canyon Trail Run in the SNP

I talked my husband into trail running with me on June 15th. He only runs 2 to 3 times a week 3 to 5 miles, so a 10 mile trail run was more challenging for him.

We ran the White Oak Canyon Trail starting at Skyland and turning around at 600. Running down the trail was fun and easy, but heading back up the trail was the challenge. The rocks were wet and muddy, but I only fell once and it was because my legs starting getting heavy the last few miles. The beauty of the Falls was amazing and the time with my husband was wonderful. I usually like to run by myself but sharing this day with my husband is memorable. This is a more strenuous trail than the Dickey Ridge, so it was a true challenge. I'll have to add the White Oak Canyon into my training plans.

I have to decide which trails to run this weekend to celebrate my 38th birthday. I might stick with the Dickey Ridge and run 16 to 20 miles. This last run on the White Oak makes me want to explore more trails. The White Oak was an awesome trail.

Busy Month

Most of May and the first half of June was crazy. My oldest daughter had her First Communion, and my youngest graduated Kindergarten, I'm home schooling both girls this year. We then had 2 weeks of dance recital rehearsals. My oldest daughter is a ballet dancer and my younger daughter an Irish step dancer. They both danced very well.

I drive almost 45 miles twice a week to Inwood, WV for them to take classes and all the gas and money is a good investment. They both have wonderful knowledgeable instructors.

I'm still running the Dickey Ridge Trail. I've currently ran most of the trail and will start running new trails soon.