Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Endorsing Hate

I have a very nice girlfriend who started an email group to send out local stores and Internet deals. I thought this would be a great source of information on saving a few dollars, turns out many of those on the group list boycott most stores because of their hate of homosexuals. My friend who started the group isn't a hateful person, but in order to keep the peace she is apologizing for posting deals about stores that support homosexuals. They also boycott any companies that donate to Planned Parenthood. These ladies believe that Planned Parenthood encourages and funds abortions, which isn't true. Some of the same ladies have sent emails around that the Girl Scouts teach girls as young as 6 years old about sex. This is how sick and hateful many of these ladies are towards groups that don't fall in line with their religious beliefs or agenda. I will call these ladies the Breeders which is a good name for them since they also believe you should have a baby every year to two years and then they teach their children to also hate. Yes, they actually breed hate.

The Breeders hate homosexuals because their sexual act is a sin. We all sin, so shouldn't we all just hate each other? I'm still trying to understand why they are so threatened by homosexuals. How are a homosexuals harming them and their families? I personally believe that homosexuals are born gay, so God made them with an attraction to the same sex. They are a child of God too, so why hate them? How would Jesus treat a homosexual? I believe he would accept them as he would all his children. Jesus would be ashamed of the breeders, and would point out to them that they have no right to judge others. Hating and endorsing the boycott of stores that hirer and give family benefits to homosexuals is endorsing the hate of a segment of God's children.

My friend loves God and doesn't agree with these ladies, but she also doesn't want to be an outcast in the community. She isn't as vocal as I am about these subjects. I'm already an outcast with most of the breeders, because I married a non-Catholic and only have two kids by choice. In defense of the loving Catholics around the world, I moved to a town that is not normal when it comes to Catholics and other Christian religions. They are extremists when it comes to religion, and extremists no matter what their belief will fuel hate. Let's stop the hate against homosexuals and shop and support the stores and businesses that don't discriminate against them. I pray in the same church as these breeders every Sunday and I always pray to God to guide these ladies away from hate and toward acceptance of others and their beliefs.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The 5 Hour Drive to Grandma's House.

Yes, we are traveling by car with the millions of other people for Thanksgiving at Grandma's. Not really Grandma's more like Mom's house, but she is Grandma to my kids. I don't get home to often during the fall and winter months due to the mountain of snow that falls on Northeastern Ohio. No matter what the occasion is traveling is stressful for my family.

The stress level during travel will be high, both my husband and I hate traffic and dealing with all the people that shouldn't have a drivers license. Here are a few things drivers should remember. The left lane which has been referred to as the fast lane or passing lane is for drivers to pass slower drivers in the right lane. If you are in the left lane and cars behind you want to travel at a faster speed than you get in the right lane and let them pass you. Yes, I realize that you are traveling a entire 2 MPH faster than those in the right lane, that you are traveling the legal speed limit and that you hate to change lanes so the left lane is best for you. Be polite and use commonsense during the holiday travel times and just stay out of the left lane if you prefer to travel the speed limit. The police and highway patrol will be out in larger numbers, so let them deal with the speeders and just let the speeders pass.

Please use your turn signal when changing lanes. There is nothing worse than hitting the brakes because someone decided to change lanes without informing others with a turn signal. My kids don't need whiplash and should be able to play their video games uninterrupted.

I'm one of those speeders and I like to travel 5 MPH over the speed limit and you'll make my travel more pleasant. If the law enforcement officials have issues with me speeding they will punish me. You don't need to keep me and thousands of others from speeding by sitting in the fast lane.

Thank-you and have a nice Thanksgiving with your family!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Return to Blogging

I'm back and hopefully I'll stay more committed to my blog. My Daughters are currently attending a nice Christian school, so I can pursue my dream of becoming a small business entrepreneur. I miss spending my days homeschooling, but the girls are enjoying their time at a small school. They both are beyond their current grade level. I'm not in a hurry for them to grow-up so they will remain with their age appropriate grade. The issue of parents advancing their children beyond their age appropriate peers is an issue I'll address soon in the blog. I'll also address many of the current political issues. I'll also update my current running plans. Hopefully I haven't lost my past followers and that I can engage with you in discussions on many of the current topics.