Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shenandoah National Park, First Visit

Yesterday Emelie and I made our first official visit to the Shenandoah National Park. I purchased an Annual Pass for all National Parks. Emelie and I didn't want to venture to far into the park so we stopped 6 miles down Skyline Drive at the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center. The Visitor's Center was closed, but we took in the beautiful view and went hiking on a 1.3 mile trail.

The view from the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center is of the Massanutten Mountain, we also have a view of this Mountain from our house. It is a large mountain that had a big effect on battles fought during the Civil War. Signal Knob is a high tip of this Mountain. Seeing the Massanutten

Mountain from the higher elevation of the Shenandoah was really beautiful.

As we first approached the viewing area, Emelie was running ahead of me, we saw 2 men and a woman. As I approached I noticed that the woman was holding flowers and one man was holding a small book. It was a couple getting married. I apologized for interrupting their ceremony. The couple informed us that they hadn't begun yet and invited us to stay and watch the ceremony. Emelie was invited to hold the brides flowers while they exchanged rings. Emelie was official a flower girl yesterday. It was a beautiful ceremony and a nice spot to get married. Who would of thought that we would see a wedding on our first visit to the park! It was extremely exciting for Emelie.

After the ceremony we met 3 girls that had 2 dogs with them. The dogs were training well and loved kids, so Emelie had a nice time playing with them. One was a Golden Lab and the other a Chocolate Lab. The women where from Arkansas and 2 of them were on Spring Break from the University of Arkansas. The owner of the dogs is from Richmond, Virginia, but grew-up in Arkansas. We also met a group of guys that are celebrating their graduation from College with a 6 month trip traveling around the US and Canada. They recently received their PhD. We met many interesting people yesterday.

Emelie and I went on our 1.3 hike down a trail that was a loop. Emelie ran almost 70% of it. The up hill parts were a little difficult for her. We didn't see any wildlife other than birds. The trees have budded and some of them even had blossoms. The fresh air during the hike was very energizing for both of us. We went home after the hike to eat lunch.

We had such a nice time that we returned after Susie came home from school. We took a brown bag dinner with us. We went back to the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center parking area. Susie at the young age of 6 was impressed by the view. We went hiking on a different trail it is part of the Dickey Ridge Trail and it takes you out near Snead Farm. I don't know anything about Snead Farm, but I'm sure when the visitor center is open it will have a display about the farm. We didn't make it to the Snead Farm, because Susie was getting tired. We hiked around 2 1/2 miles. We ate our dinner after we returned to the Dickey Ridge Center and watched the sun starting to set. The Massanutten Mountain was in a glow of Orange.

As we drove the 6 mile up Skyline Drive we saw a few deer on the side of the road eating the nice green grass. When we got home we were all very tired and ready for a good nights rest. It was a very eventful visit for our first visit, so I can't image what our future visits will have in store for us. I'm looking forward to taking my family and friends for a visit to the Shenandoah National Forest.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clothes for the Sporty Girl

A catalog came to my house last week that is for women athletes. I have no idea how they received my address, maybe from one of the races that I ran. As I'm looked through the catalog, I realized that there are a lot of women that dress like me and they are athletic.

In the good old USA clothing companies make clothes that fit your average woman and most even if they are skinny aren't athletic. They don't have the sporty butt and small chests. Yes I said small chests, your average athletic girl usually has a chest size of 36 C or smaller. Clothes seem to be made these days to fit either the teenager or the women's sizes. The waists in most clothes never fit me, they are usually a few inches too big. Clothes are also made to look fashionable, which I could care less about. I just want something that fits, but is pretty. I could careless if it is the "In Look".

What catalog did I receive? " Title Nine" They aren't even overpriced. The sizes fit my body type. They have the smaller chest sizes, so I'll finally have tops that fit me. They have a ton of skorts, which is my favorite summer clothes. No more buying tennis skirts at the local sporting goods store. They also have nice bathing suits that don't have high cut legs, so you don't have the bottoms riding up into your buttcrack.

This is truly the best catalog for me, and they will be getting my business this Spring. Finally clothes that will fit me. I'm so excited : )