Thursday, June 14, 2012

The End of the School Year.

I dropped off the face of the earth, and was caught up in the land of school events.  April and May were both very busy months for us. 

We were blessed to have my Mother-in-Law, Karen, for a visit during Spring Break.  We had a couple of day trips to Lancaster, PA and Monticello, VA.  Did you know that the Amish can now use cell phones?  That was a shocker to us.  Jefferson's Birthday is in April and we just happened to visit on his birthday.  It was a crowded day at Jefferson's House!

Emelie was on the middle school soccer team, which takes up more time than we want to give.  With her having Gymnastics and music lessons too this took up a big chunk of time.  Emelie loves soccer, but she just isn't aggressive enough.  Gymnastics seems to be more of her sport, with her small size and great balance.

Susie is knee deep in Irish dancing.  She competed in her first Feis in May and place first in her category for the Reel and forth in the Light Jig.  Next competition is in 9 days.

Both of my lovely daughters made "A" Honor Roll for the year. 

What else have we done in the past few months.  Emelie has orthodontics, to include an Extender and bottom Braces.  This has taken around 7 visits in the past two months. We attended several banquets at the girls private school.  Many fun end of the year events at school, such as field day and an awards ceremony. We have also done many family hikes, and a few visits to our favorite kid friendly winery, Barrel Oak Winery. 

I can't forget about running.  I've been building my miles back-up and preparing for a fast pace 10 miler in October.  I also volunteered to coach cross-country at my girls' school.  Emelie will run CC this year, so I've been training with her too.  Emelie and I worked at an Aid Station for the MMT100 last month to inspire us to put more miles into our running.  We were very impressed with the wonderful runners at this 100 mile trail race. 

I'm sure I forgot about a few things, and I've been meaning to blog on many subjects.  Hopefully our summer doesn't get extremely busy.  I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing summer with my beautiful girls and husband. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dog Years

I found this web article on the real age of dogs and cats very interesting. I've known since I was a kid that the theory of every year equals 7 years of a dogs life was silly. Because a 7 year old person can't have babies, but a one year old dog can have puppies. The age scale in this article makes good sense and my dog Molly is 3 1/2 years old and is 30 years in human years. I attached the link below!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Anti-Girl Scout Movement.

American Heritage Girls is a group of Girl Scout haters? According to one woman in the organization 90% of AHG's were Girl Scouts first and left because on non-christian beliefs. If these 90% only want their girls around Christians than why did they join the Girl Scouts in the first place. I first joined the girl scouts in 1977 at the age of 6 years old and I loved meeting girls of different races and religions. I don't know a lot about the AHG, but this article to me made them look very judgemental of others and saying false things about the Girl Scouts, which violates the Eighth Commandment. Eighth Commandment is Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, which includes talking negatively of others, judging others, and lying about others. It's funny how those that advertise that they are Christian, are those that breed hate into their children and break the Eighth Commandment almost daily. I wonder if these groups when they get together have issues with this group being Baptist so they can't hang around the Catholics? The Catholic girls might tell the Baptist girls that their mommies are sinners because they use birthcontrol. This isn't an issue with the Girl Scouts because they accept everyone. The Girl Scout's still have God in their pledge! False rumors from the Haters! 18,000 AHG's isn't much compared to the more than 200,000 Girl Scouts that will gather on the Mall this summer. Just like the Blue Birds in the 1960's and 1970's the AHG will most likely die out too. What ever happened to the Campfire Girls? See, No Girl Scout replacement has survived.

Here is the Article!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Roots.

Many people see this as just a day of love, but a Martyr Saint Valentine died on this day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Money and Wasteful Spending

Facebook has given me a new view of our 20 and 30 something men and women in America. I've noticed that they want everything now, but they are wasteful when it comes to money. It's scary because they aren't frugal, and spend every dime that they make. They aren't thinking about the future or if they can provide for their kids. My husband and I have lived very frugal lives over our almost 17 years of marriage and our main concern since having our first child in 2000 is our kids.

Here are a few scary things that I've seen on Facebook.

Seeing parents or soon to be parents needing money just to survive. Then seeing a post a few days later with a new tattoo that either the mom or dad of that child received. They came into a little extra money and felt it was better to get a tattoo than to put it away for an emergency.

This issue is very common of young pregnant women. They are weeks out from having the baby and just decided that they need to start saving for daycare of the child. Really??? You had 8 months to save and now you're complaining that you need money for daycare.

Seeing people post that they have sick kids, but they spend the weekend running around town and shopping. Shouldn't the kid be at home resting and getting better? Can't you put off your plans until next week? Many of the same parents will complain that the kids have to miss school during the next week because they are now severely sick. Shopping, going to the movies and other money spending activities were more important than the sick kids. I feel very bad for these kids. One mom even had to hospitalize her 9 year old child in December, because they took him out in cold weather to Holiday parties and other social events that couldn't be missed. He developed pneumonia, but the mom doesn't believe it was result of her actions of dragging a sick child out of the house into the cold for 3 days. This is a mom that gets upset to have a kid at home sick during the school week, it takes away from her "Me Time" Yes, ME TIME! When you have a child, you gave up ME TIME. Good loving mom's don't have ME TIME. The ME TIME is usually for shopping.

I noticed today that my niece who has an 8 week old baby, is getting rid of all the clothes that her baby has out grown. Is she taking them to a consignment shop to sell them and buy bigger clothes? No, she is just giving them away. They live from paycheck to paycheck, with no savings. I pointed out that she should keep them for now, because she might have another baby. Our young adults figure they can buy all new stuff if they have another baby. The "I'm not having another baby" isn't a sure thing when you didn't plan on having the current baby. Money doesn't seem to be an issue, except when they paycheck that week isn't enough. I bought some clothes for her baby, but I'm not sure if I should send them. I spent good money on them and she'll just give them away in a few months.

Spending money on Movies, concerts, eating out and hanging out at bars, when you have money issues and kids isn't smart. You feel good for a moment, but then worry about debt and caring for the kids. We save thousands of dollars each year by not eating out or going to movies. My husband and I have a wine hobby, but we don't place that hobby before our kids needs. We have a savings account and we don't live from paycheck to paycheck. I also cut coupons and I save over $1000 a year. We are well established, so I don't have a need to clip coupons, but it is free money on items that I buy.

I was raised to stay out of extreme debt, and to only buy things I could afford. I have a mom that put her kids needs before her own, so I place my kids first too. I make my kids buy clothes off the clearance rack over 90 percent of the time. Do we have to do that? No! It makes sense to pay less for clothes if it is possible. I've taught my kids to be frugal, so hopefully they have a better sense of the value of a dollar than these current 20 and 30 something parents.

When I had my second child Susanna, I use to pack a lunch when I went to the mall. Once a week I took my girls to the mall and Emelie (2 years old at the time)and I use to eat PB sandwiches and drink juice or water from home for lunch. I would check out the clearance racks for clothes that was usually 70 to 90 percent off. Was this a sacrifice on my part? No, I still pack lunches when we go out sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to spend money on greasy food that doesn't taste good. When I tell some people who are living paycheck to paycheck my life of saving money, they see me as a cheap person, but I see them as an idiot that my taxes will bailout of debt several times in their lifetime.

I pray at times when it is family or close friends that are making these wasteful money decisions, that they will find guidance to a better life. Life isn't about what we have, it's about who we are and finding happiness in ourselves.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Even Susie Wants to Be a Teen

It's amazing how the younger siblings grow-up faster than the older siblings. I was the youngest of 4 kids and it seemed like the youthful fun ended as soon as the 2 oldest kids hit their teens. I look back on my childhood and realize that I became a teen around the age of 10. I had two older sisters and I started wearing make-up, curling my hair, and thinking about style at the age of ten. I fought growing up but gave in because I was expected to be like my older siblings. We no longer did the kid activities, like Zoos, Circus, and playgrounds, because the other kids were too old. I lost a few years of my childhood due to being the youngest child. I don't blame my parents for this issue, it happens in most American family households.

Susie wanted to go to Claires (hair, jewelry, and make-up store) yesterday, she walked in with her mind set on make-up. She had around 6 dollars in her purse and wanted to spend it on eye shadow. At first I was against this idea, and I knew my husband wouldn't want her to have the make-up, but I gave in. She is only allowed to play with it at home and can't wear it in public. She wants to keep up with her older sister and this is what happens in the family structure. I'm going to do my best to remember that she is just a 9 year old and encourage her to not grow up too fast. She is still 3 1/2 years from officially being a teen, so we'll keep doing the kids activities and visits to the park and zoos. We'll also keep Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny around a little longer.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Climbing Back on the Horse

I'm finding that at 40 years old it is getting harder to climb back on the horse when it comes to running. I had a wonderful summer of running in 2010 and had a summer of injuries in 2011. I'm still recovering and very excited about getting back to running, but physically my body has weakened. I know I must build my body back up and I hope that my injuries are healed to the point that I can have a good summer of running. Mentally I'm ready to run for hours, but physically my body wants to give out after 45 minutes. I'm also nursing my left achilles tendon and I have to stop around every mile I run to stretch it. The plan is to slowly build myself back up and hopefully get a couple of half marathons in by November. I also plan to get my girls more active in running, by running a few miles with them twice a week. I'm starting off 2012 with strength training, hiking and slowly building up my running miles. Happy Running!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Flirting Begins!

A father's worst fear happened this past weekend to my husband. His beautiful 11 year old daughter spent part of her Saturday evening flirting with an 11 year old boy at a party for my husband's work. As the mother, I found the flirting cute and sweet. This is just the beginning of her interest in boys, so as mom I just need to guide her on good choices. I'm not worried yet, because she isn't allowed to date until she is 16 years old. If you ask my husband, He'll tell you that she is never allow to date. This is just the beginning of our little girl becoming a young lady.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Glenn Beck's War on the Girl Scouts

Yep, they are the next big threat to America. Those cookie selling little girls will be out for the next few weeks selling cookies, but if you buy cookies you are supporting the Big Bad Liberal Machine called the American Girl Scouts. They might look cute and innocent but they are after your money to support a cause of brainwashing young girls to become Anti-American Feminist. This was the evil plan that has been in place for a 100 years and started by the Evil Anti-American Communist Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. Who would of thought that the home city of Paula Dean had so much evil?

Hopefully everyone that just read this paragraph knows that I'm just kidding around and making fun of Glenn Beck. Yes, he is after the Girl Scouts, which is very petty of him. He has to attack someone so he can get media attention and can try to keep his God status. The only media outlet to talk about the story is FOX, not a surprise.

It's going to be interesting going door to door selling cookies this year. I wonder how many people will display their hate of the Girls Scouts fueled by Beck and FOX News to my little girls. This will just show my girls how many people can be brainwashed by the Media, which was one of the points in the Girl Scout book that upset Glenn Beck.

I just want to point out that I'm a Conservative Libertarian, that is Catholic, and a Stay at Home Mom. I'm a free thinking Conservative!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jamie Grace - Hold Me featuring tobyMac (Official Music Video)

Happy New Year 2012 and Good Bye 2011

It seems like 2011 is a year most people are happy to see it end, but for my family it was a good year. Nothing extremely terrible happened and we had some good moments.

Our year in review, with the good and bad.

In February, we took a family vacation to Disney World. It was a wonderful week of no crowds and little stress. Taking a vacation anytime during the year is one advantage to homeschooling. Jeff is not happy in his job and received a better job offer.

In March, my husband left a stressful job that required an extreme amount of travel, for a job with less stress, less travel, more pay and more benefits. He is happier and that makes his wife and kids happier. Emelie started Gymnastics lessons.

In May, my niece Lindsay graduated from high school and received an Army ROTC scholarship to Bowling Green State University.

In June, our homeschool year come to an end and I turned 40 years old. I celebrated my birthday with my best friend of 25 years Tina and her son Mikie with a trip to Virginia Beach and hiking in the Shenandoah National Park. I also hurt my Achilles tendon, which I'm still nursing and has limited my running.

In July, Jeff and I celebrated 16 years of marriage and to celebrate we bought a two year barrel owner membership to our favorite winery Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, Virginia.

In August, the girls and I spent quality time together and prepared them for private school. Susie started Irish dance lessons through a competitive school.

In September, Emelie turned 11 years old and declared herself a preteen. We celebrated at the American Girl Bistro. The girls started school at a nice christian school. It was very stressful for me to send them to school and not have the control of their education. I'm still currently worried about their education, because at times I feel that I provided a better curriculum through homeschooling.

In October, Susie turns 9 years old and we celebrated her birthday at the American Girl Bistro. Both girls ran in a school fundraiser Race for Education and out ran the kids in their grade levels. Emelie ran 5 1/2 miles and Susie ran 4 1/2 miles.

In December, Jeff received very positive feed back on his job performance.

What are our plans for 2012? I plan to get back to trail running. Hopefully start a career of my own. Jeff will receive his undergraduate degree. Susie will compete in her first Irish Feis. Emelie will join either the volleyball or cross-country team at school. We don't have any big plans for 2012, we mainly just live life. Hopefully 2012 is a good year like 2011.