Monday, August 30, 2010

I didn't stop running. I just took a break from the computer.

I didn't make it through the Challenge Training. I mainly changed my goals. I decided to train for a 31k trail race. I ran the Rosaryville 50k in Rosaryville, MD on 18 July. It was HOT!!!! I'll write a blog about the race later this week. I'm looking forward to running another 50k in the future.

My current goal is a Women's 1/2 Marathon on Sept 11, 2010 at Fountain Head Park. It's ran by The Virginia Happy Trail Runners each year. I'm hoping to meet other female runners from my area at this race.

We are back to homeschooling which means I'll have more computer time. I'll keep up with the blog at least for awhile. My oldest might run her first 5k this Fall. I have to find 5k without lots of runners. I need something small, so she won't be crowded.

I'm back!!!!