Thursday, June 14, 2012

The End of the School Year.

I dropped off the face of the earth, and was caught up in the land of school events.  April and May were both very busy months for us. 

We were blessed to have my Mother-in-Law, Karen, for a visit during Spring Break.  We had a couple of day trips to Lancaster, PA and Monticello, VA.  Did you know that the Amish can now use cell phones?  That was a shocker to us.  Jefferson's Birthday is in April and we just happened to visit on his birthday.  It was a crowded day at Jefferson's House!

Emelie was on the middle school soccer team, which takes up more time than we want to give.  With her having Gymnastics and music lessons too this took up a big chunk of time.  Emelie loves soccer, but she just isn't aggressive enough.  Gymnastics seems to be more of her sport, with her small size and great balance.

Susie is knee deep in Irish dancing.  She competed in her first Feis in May and place first in her category for the Reel and forth in the Light Jig.  Next competition is in 9 days.

Both of my lovely daughters made "A" Honor Roll for the year. 

What else have we done in the past few months.  Emelie has orthodontics, to include an Extender and bottom Braces.  This has taken around 7 visits in the past two months. We attended several banquets at the girls private school.  Many fun end of the year events at school, such as field day and an awards ceremony. We have also done many family hikes, and a few visits to our favorite kid friendly winery, Barrel Oak Winery. 

I can't forget about running.  I've been building my miles back-up and preparing for a fast pace 10 miler in October.  I also volunteered to coach cross-country at my girls' school.  Emelie will run CC this year, so I've been training with her too.  Emelie and I worked at an Aid Station for the MMT100 last month to inspire us to put more miles into our running.  We were very impressed with the wonderful runners at this 100 mile trail race. 

I'm sure I forgot about a few things, and I've been meaning to blog on many subjects.  Hopefully our summer doesn't get extremely busy.  I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing summer with my beautiful girls and husband. 

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